In fact, my name is Gabriela Marin ( ex-Caciula). You'll find here few things about me.
My pin in school The Computer Science Department - 
"Politehnica" University of  Bucharest
I graduated in 1992. If any of my colleagues from school will read this page, I would like to receive a sign from them. If you don't remember it's me at that time :)
Discover Romania
I was born and I live in 
Bucharest, Romania.

... parents, brother, sister, their both families, two beautiful nieces and a nephew... Married, in 2004, with Costi. Expecting a baby boy :)

...something else?

I don't know what else to write about me. I'm Scorpio. 
I'm Delphi programming fan. I'm not a web designer, I made this page only for fun.
And I love my flowers...

I work here since 1998 as software engineer
Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration

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